The Canons

The canons are the laws of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.
They are set by the General Synod.
You can access the canons by clicking here.


Diocesan Development Fund

Any ministry unit or mission venture can apply to the Diocesan Council for funds for development projects twice a year. Projects should connect to the mission and ministry of local ministry units and align with the wider vision of the diocese. They will reach new people, new locations or new generations; employ innovative methods of mission and ministry; or develop leaders.
For more information and guidance on how to apply please see the documents below.
Diocesan Development Fund information
Diocesan Development Fund application form  (The form will be accessible when the next funding round opens.)

Ministry Unit Administration Handbook


The Ministry Unit Administration Handbook is currently unavailable as it is being updated. Please refer instead to the Canons and/or Statutes, however if you have questions regarding Ministry Unit or clergy matters, please contact the Diocesan Office on (09) 302 7201.

Resources For Clergy and Vestry

A reference guide for clergy outlining the statutory general provisions, as well as other policies and approvals relevant to clergy is available upon request. Ministry units may also find it a helpful resource. Please contact the Diocesan Office for a copy of the Clergy Remuneration Package.


Ministry units wishing to build, alter or demolish any church, hall, vicarage or other building must obtain a faculty from the diocean bishop first. Faculties are also required for the alteration, addition or removal of church ornaments. The faculty petition form the ministry unit needs to complete can be found below. All parts of the form should be completed, according to the statutory requirement as in The Faculties Statute 2020.
Steps are:
  1. Fill out the relevant faculty petition form, including the required endorsements and accompanying documentation.
  2. Send the application to the Archdeacon to the Northern Region, Carole Hughes or Archdeacon to the Southern Region, Michael Berry.
  3. The archdeacon will then visit the site and report to the faculty committee.
  4. The archdeacon will then consult the bishop and pass of the application to the faculty committee via the property manager.
  5. The faculty committee reviews the petition and makes a recommendation to the bishop.
Please note that the work being considered must not begin before the faculty has been issued.


List of Parishes, LSMUs and Mission Districts by Region