Nativity Project 2021: re-GENERATION

17 November 2021

The Nativity Project is back for 2021!

The Nativity Project at Holy Trinity Cathedral is a collaborative project by The Friends of Holy Trinity Cathedral and ADJust (Diocese of Auckland Young Anglicans for Social Justice) that seeks to draw attention to an important environmental or social issue each year.
This year’s theme is re-GENERATION: Supporting our native environment.
When you visit the nativity scene outside Holy Trinity Cathedral, you will have the opportunity to ‘plant’ a native tree and gift it for Christmas through a small donation to Trees that Count. The nativity installation will depict the holy family as natural elements within the entire scene, literally ‘growing’ on the Cathedral forecourt throughout Advent, to be in full bloom at the arrival of Jesus.
The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our unique native environment in Aotearoa New Zealand, and to regenerate that environment by raising funds to plant native trees which sustain eco-systems and support the vibrant natural world around us.
From the kauri cathedrals in the north to our vibrant kōwhai; from the pōhutukawa which decorate our coastline to the delicate mānuka, our native plant life needs protecting in order to support a sustainable future for Aotearoa New Zealand.
To engage with The Nativity Project: re-GENERATION, please:
  • visit the installation on the Holy Trinity Cathedral forecourt from 29 November in a safe and socially distanced manner
  • donate a native tree or trees to our Nativity Project Tree Registry
  • share The Nativity Project: re-GENERATION information with your community.  Find out more here.