Summer Adventure Weekend 17-19 January 2020

Summer Adventure Weekend 17-19 January 2020
This weekend brings together families of all sorts to enjoy community, conversation and outdoor activities at the beach.

Grandparents, babies, and everyone in between is welcome to spend time together, "doing and being" across the generations.

The weekend takes place at Vaughan Park, an Anglican conference and retreat centre at Long Bay, north of Auckland. Adventure activities suitable for all ages will be run by qualified staff from MERC (Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre).

There will also be great food, fun entertainment, games on the beach and intergenerational worship times. Meals are included and there is a range of accommodation to suit your family's size and budget.

Costs start from $50 per person. Registrations close 2 December 2019.

Learn more here and register here. A video of the 2019 Summer Adventure Weekend can be viewed here.