Synod goes ‘green’

Synod with a tinge of 'green'
Synod will be a little ‘greener’ this year thanks to initiatives designed to reduce the assembly’s impact on the environment and respond to the needs of the wider community.

The first change is to the 2019 yearbook which is in the form of a fully recyclable bound book instead of the plastic ring-binder of previous years. Its 438 pages are divided into three sections: synod business (bills and motions); members lists and acts of the bishop; and reports, including financial statements.

To minimise rubbish, a waste disposal company has been engaged to manage and track recycling through labelled waste stations throughout all synod venues. Synod attendees are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to refill it at water stations, or their own ‘keep cup’ for barista coffee from across the road. Carpooling and using public transport are also strongly recommended.

Eat My Lunch will cater for morning tea and lunches. The company’s ‘buy one, give one’ scheme means about 1400 schoolchildren who would otherwise go without will receive a lunch as well.

Diocesan Manager Sonia Maugham said synod organisers were aware of the need to make sure synod conducts its business in a way that reflects biblical values.

“Our environmental and social responsibilities include care of God’s creation and practical response to the needs of our community. The small changes we have made this year are part of this,” she said.