A prayer in Gabrielle’s wake…

As we grieve and struggle to comprehend the devastation that Gabrielle, and the floods a couple of weeks ago have brought, Rev Sarah from Community of Ordinary Saints wrote this beautiful prayer….
A prayer in Gabrielle’s wake
For those who have lost their houses to flooding or collapse,
May you find yourself somewhere safe and warm with loving company to help and hear your story.
For those without power,
May you feel the dedication of all those who work tirelessly to restore your home to light.
For those stranded and far away from loved ones,
May the strength of your relationships bring hope for the moment you can embrace again.
For those that cannot contact loved ones,
May you be anchored by the love of those who wait alongside you.
For those who are mourning a loss,
May you be surrounded by constant love and enduring peace.
For those who have been injured,
May the care you need of body, mind and soul come quickly and easily.
For those who wait in an unfamiliar place – uncertain if you can return home,
May the deep care of those around you be your safe place.
For the children who are afraid and confused,
May you find many hugs, a listening ear and moments of joy and laughter.
For those who have lost their means of income,
May the people with the knowledge and skills to assist you arrive easily before you on your path.
For those who have witnessed destruction first-hand,
May your mind and body find peace as you wait for the repair of what is damaged.
For those fatigued following the floods,
May you lean on the strength of loved ones to carry you into another day.
For the emergency workers who continue to work tirelessly,
May sleep and rest come easily when the day is done.
For animals lost and injured,
May you find your way to safe and caring hands.
For the anxious and frightened,
May your breath guide you from one moment to the next in the knowledge that this too shall pass.