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Coronavirus update – Alert Levels 

The Auckland region is currently at Level 2, but with extra restrictions compared to the rest of the country’s Level 2. These levels will be reviewed again by Cabinet on Monday 21 September, and any changes will take effect from Wednesday 23 September.
For the diocese, this means areas south of Wellsford and east of Pukekohe are still at ‘Level 2.5’ while the rest of the diocese is at Level 2.
Auckland’s ‘Level 2.5’ means that gatherings must have no more than 10 people present, except for funerals and tangihanga which up to 50 people can attend. Aged-care facilities have very strict settings – check with each facility what these are.
Travel in and out of Auckland is permitted at Level 2, with the usual guidelines around physical distancing and recording movements and contacts. Aucklanders are encouraged not to attend large gatherings or visit aged-care facilities in other centres.
Masks are mandatory on public transport at Level 2 and above from Monday 31 August. Aucklanders are encouraged to wear a mask whenever they are outside their homes.
Those outside Auckland at Level 2 can still gather for worship on Sunday but with no more than 100 people present, Communion in one kind only and non-contact signs of peace.
In all cases, please follow the guidelines on physical distancing, contact tracing, personal hygiene and venue cleaning. Use of the Government app or another contact tracing system is required and building QR codes are mandatory.
While this is, once again, an uncertain and anxious time for many, we have been this way before and now have good processes and procedures in place. Let’s all play our part in making sure our communities and people in the wider community stay safe.
Please check here for updates and FAQs.