Senior Space & The Kete

Senior Space & The Kete


Senior youth are amazing aren’t they?

They pitch in and help, hype our younger ones up, run games, sometimes help with teaching and pastoral care and generally they are the glue that nurtures our youth pastors and those younger than them. Often we know our senior youth pretty well, having journeyed with them as they have grown and matured.

It’s also a pretty challenging time in their lives, those last couple of years at school and first few years outside school as they navigate employment, apprenticeships and study. Often many of their peers have dropped away from youth for various reasons too, so they become, both a little more alone, and all the more precious. They need a little more from us, but that can often mean stretching ourselves even thinner than we were. Our heart is to compliment what you already do, by connecting them across the Diocese and the Motu, and encouraging their faith and leadership journeys.

So, with these kinds of dynamics in mind, we are building a community (or communities) of Senior young people, and giving them space to have some fun, to worship, to ask questions, explore their leadership journeys and simply be. We’re meeting mostly once a month, and mostly on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Connect with Steph for more details

The Kete – Our precious leaders, what would we do without them?

In 2024 we are returning to offering a regular gathering space for our youth leaders. Leading young people in the church is so very much more than ‘babysitting’ or ‘hanging out’. We long for our young people to learn about our faith, to grow and develop, to be part of the faith community, and to do all that safely, with wisdom and patience takes a learning community too. However most of our leaders are now volunteers or working few hours for their churches, so being aware of available time is also important. So we’ve come up with The Kete.

This is an opportunity for all youth leaders to gather with others who are leading youth from across the Diocese, alongside the Senior Space crew, to connect, learn more and share kai. When there are many people in the room we come away inspired, refreshed and filled with new ideas, or reassurance that what we’re doing is great. Being with like-minded people is always a blessing, so we’d love to see you!

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