Diowhodunit 2023 – St George’s Epsom – 4 August

Murder & Mayhem in the Vestry!

The year is 1922, the church St George’s, Epsom, the vicar Reverend James has been found murdered in the vestry!

Ten of our youth groups, filled with the finest minds in the Diocese followed the twists and turns of this mystery to solve the crime and bring most of the perpetrators to justice! The murder weapon remains lost! All is well though; three great teams solved the puzzle with St Michael’s, Henderson pipping All Saints, Ponsonby and St Mary by the Sea, Torbay to come first.

Most of all a great opportunity to be together as young people of the Diocese. A huge thanks to St George’s Epsom for all the work they did, from acting to hospitality. Bring on more puzzles and conundrums in 2024.