Fanatics Cup 2023

Fanatics Cup Basketball edition 2023 was a marathon before we ever got to the courts! Between our booking being kicked and a new venue being extremely hard to find, it was lining up to be an interesting night! Finally the day came, and lo and behold there were building works taking place around our venue! So each team that made it into the complex were winners by coming through the door!

The competition ran hot, with 4 teams playing 3 v 3 and 3 teams playing 5 a side! All the teams played hard, but fair, and to be honest everyone won to some extent or another. The winners of the 5 a side competition were NorthWest, closely followed by Epsom 1 and Hillsborough. The winners over on the 3 v 3 courts were Henderson, followed by Ponsonby, Blockhouse Bay and Epsom 2.

A huge thank you to our ref’s, scorekeepers and draw people, and of course a massive thank you to the young people and their leaders for coming along and taking part.