Police Checks

Any person working or volunteering in the Diocese with children, young people or the vulnerable needs to have a Police Vetting check completed. This is managed via the Diocesan Office.

The New Zealand Police police vetting form includes a section called “Evidence of Identity”. A second form of identity (e.g. passport, original birth certificate) is required in addition to the driver’s license or Community Services card. The agency that is requesting the check also needs to sight the two ID documents and sign a document saying that they are satisfied with the correctness of the applicant’s identity. The Diocese is happy with ‘a trusted representative’ of your ministry unit to sign off that section.

All forms submitted to the Diocese should specify clearly on the form which ministry unit is requesting the vetting. The form is  available on the New Zealand Police website, and the completed form needs to be returned to the Diocesan Office via email at .

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