Caring For People

There are many support services available in your community which are  made possible through the generosity of our network . Many of these services are heavily subsidised because we believe these opportunities should be accessible to everyone.

Grief and Loss Support

Grief and Loss Support Services – Auckland (GALSS)
We offer programmes to support people who are experiencing change, loss or grief in their lives. For children and young people, the loss may be from the separation or divorce of their parents, the death of a loved one, a family member in prison, illness, migration or other significant changes.
Seasons for Growth Programmes
Seasons for Growth is based on the belief that change and loss are a part of life, and grief is a normal response to these losses. These educative programmes are designed to assist children, young people and adults to process the effects of grief, loss and change and to develop skills that build resilience and wellbeing.
We use the familiar metaphor of the four seasons to illustrate the cyclical nature of grief. Trained adult Companions facilitate small groups where participants share their experiences, and support and learn from one another. Peer support is a key element of the programme, and confidentiality is strongly emphasised.
Age-appropriate groups are available for children and teenagers aged between 6 and 18 years of age either in school or after school in community venues. In some areas, groups are also available for adults. Seasons for Growth respects all cultural and spiritual beliefs.
Grief and Loss Support Services – Auckland (GALSS) currently delivers Seasons for Growth programmes in the following Auckland locations:
  • Franklin
  • Howick / East Auckland
  • Onehunga
  • Central West
  • North Shore/Hibiscus Coast
  • Warkworth/Wellsford
Programmes are free but donations are welcome to cover the cost of the journals given to participants.
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For more information contact: Claudette van Niekerk, Grief and Loss Support Services Fieldworker. Email:

Support for New Parents

Space is an interactive group programme for first-time parents, run by trained facilitators.
What will I learn?  Learn how to respond to challenges and decisions facing new parents while connecting with other adults. The curriculum is constantly evolving so it stays relevant to current issues and the needs of your specific group. Your baby will explore a variety of play and sensory activities.
Duration:  Sessions are about 2½ hours once a week. The programme runs for 30 to 40 weeks during the first year of your baby’s life.
Age:  Ideally start when your baby is aged 3 to 16 weeks. Parent and baby attend sessions together. Grandparents are also welcome to come along and older babies can also join depending on availability.
Cost:  Donations welcome.
Contact:  Carolyn Wellm from Anglican Care at
(09) 302 7200 or 022 657 5851