New Ways Of Doing Church

We offer new and exciting avenues to explore faith outside the usual church environment, so you can connect with God in different ways.  Faith is personal so we make room for you to embark on a faith journey in your own way.  
There are also alternatives to the usual church services with initiatives like ‘messy church’  available in several churches around the Diocese.   If you attend a church regularly may also like to find a church that does something different to your own and visit them to experience a new way of doing church.

Messy Church


Messy Church is a style of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality.  Many people who have never been to church or do not regularly attend traditional services enjoy Messy Church because it’s for people at all stages of their faith journey and any age. People across generations become connected as it is very inclusive. Felowship and relationships are nurtured to help with people’s spiritual growth. Messy Church typically includes a welcome; a time to explore a biblical theme through getting messy; a short celebration time involving story, prayer and song; a sit down meal together.  Services are not usually held weekly. Of the churches that hold Messy Church some will have services monthly and others may hold them once a term or for significant occassions such as Christmas.  
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Faith Camps for Youth

As well as offering combined youth group events for parishes within the Diocese AYM (Anglican Youth ministries) also run youth camps.  These camps offer the participants the chance to go deeper with Jesus and grow in their relatuionship with him. Participants can expect interactive and practical sessions, worship time in small groups as well as plenty of down time and space to enjoy activities.  The AYM team is lead by Karen Spoelstra, the Diocesan Youth Facilitator.
Phone: (09) 302 7261